I constantly ask myself what I have learnt from the COVID crisis. This blog outlines my reflections as a CEO on how I have helped Humankind manage the ‘unprecedented’ context brought about by a global pandemic. Humankind and I have learnt so much and we want to take this learning into the future. I look back on the last year with a huge sense of pride in what we have achieved.

It’s the one-year anniversary of COVID and a good time to pause and reflect on the last year. It has been the most challenging of my working life. Believe…

In it’s response to the global pandemic, the Third Sector has proven categorically that it is the place for any government to invest if it wants to make radical changes to health and social care delivery. Charities are renowned for having talented tenacious and flexible staff and volunteers. We have the track record of getting to and working effectively with people who most need support and in turn enabling statutory health and social care organisations to engage well with people with multiple disadvantage.

This time last year we had a newly elected government with a large majority. That meant Brexit…

Finding meaning in these challenging times

In the last month, my dad has died of lung cancer and my mother has been moved into a care home to assess how to best manage her dementia and physical health issues. Having spent most of the last year caring for them with my siblings, and having had them there as anchors in the 52 years of my life, I suddenly cannot speak to or see them. It is at this time I have been thinking about how we find meaning in all this.

I was asked to make a short reflection on…

Paul Townsley

I live in Sheffield with my partner and two teenage girls enjoy my life working in health and social care

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